I’ve always wanted to own the R8. Something like that was out of my reach but really only if I could stick to my goals.

Need to go back to setting goals for myself. I need to have both long and short-term goals for myself and if I can work towards those short-term goals a little every day then I feel like I can definitely achieve whatever I strive for in the future. I know it will be hard work but if I can dedicate the time then it is definitely achievable. I am glad I at least started learning touch typing, as it really helps but not much when the keyboard sizes are different!

I am using this post as a goal board of things I need/ want within the next 5 years and possibly some insight into how I may plan to obtain them.


Hardware Compatibility – GalliumOS Wiki

Can never go wrong with a classic Chromebook for running Linux. It’s a lot snappier than running Linux on a cheap piece of crap Windows laptop and for the price, that is pretty much what you will be getting — unless you go with something like the Acer Chromebook 15 (one of the best on the GalliumOS compatibility list) and will last a few years without needing any repairs.


M1 MACBOOK PRO is nothing short of luxurious. For my needs as an aspiring video editor (videographer) / music producer this machine more than fits the bill for my needs. The excellent build quality and powerful productions features of the M1 chip make this device indispensable and I will 100% be getting one for my studio.

  • patiently save money, slowly invest while continue to erase debts
  • eventually create wealth by just being consistent — more time focusing on the important things and less time gaming, can play later
  • spend thousands of hours learning and researching video production ,editing techniques and music. trust it will definitely pay off


Nothing much to say here. Other than the fact that this is a great software, I do feel learning Premier / Adobe would be great as well but Vegas is simple enough to learn and enough features to create really solid content. We may need to invest a bit into 3rd party effect plugins but all in all, Vegas is good. 4000+ hours into this one.

I was working through the manual, and learning all the shortcuts which is an essential first step in mastering anything. In mastery, learning the fundamentals and continuing to follow and repeat those fundamentals over time, I believe makes the best practitioners.

Creating great music,

infused with hip-hop, jazz

and electronic elements via

Ableton has always

captivated me

I don’t really consider myself a music producer, but more so a musician. I want to use my DAW as an extension of myself, and as an ACTUAL instrument. Since I can’t physically play anything I have to actually go and program all of my sounds. That part of learning will always be thrilling and captivating to me, 4000+ hours into learning and mastering Ableton techniques, studying scales and chords, sound designing with Serum / Massive, etc and learning much as possible to create amazing music.

Seriously, there’s no greater joy than creating amazing music

`$24k in the bank and a car that looks the part

All thanks in part to informed investments and upskilling so I can land a better job. Even saving up while I work, so I can finally have a car to work gigs like Shipt and Doordash. I’d love to do gig work and set my own hours. Simply invest some of the cash into other areas, and save a percentage every month. I will eventually have $10k+ in my savings. I ordered my first shipment of product and have to renew my website for $100 but it’s fine because all of this will be worth it in the future. I should take $100 aside every month for the vitamins ai need and go for it because in life we only get one shot, and for me that shot is running thin. I need to buckle down right now, today and never look back!

Preparing my own meals will save me tons on expenses

Cooking is something that will always bring joy and passion to yourself and others. Start preparing meals for yourself and eventually for others, is a SUREFIRE way to bring people joy and show you love them. Not to mention how much money it would save in the bank, and with student loan payments on the horizon every little bit helps.

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